Social-Essentials 1.9-1.13

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description:Limits you to 5 vote links

description: Fix your hearts
permission: social.heal

description: Refill your hunger

description: Remove the fire

description: Refill food and hunger
permission: social.healme

description: Recovers everything for everyone
permission: social.healall

description: Refills hunger for everyone
permission: social.feedall

permission: social.fireall
description: Removes burning for everyone

description: Enables/Disables night vision
permission: social.nv

description: Enables night vision for entire server
permission: social.nvallon

description: Disables night vision for entire server
permission: social.nvalloff

description: Enables/Disables flight

/fly <username> :
description: Enables/Disables flight for others

description: Enables flight for entire server

description: Disables flight for entire server

usage: /<command>
description: View MOTD

description: Set MOTD
permission: social.motd.set

description: Set MOTD's prefix
permission: social.motd.set.prefix

description: Clear global chat

description: Clear personal chat

description: Set SocialChat prefix

/gamemode <0/1/2/3>
aliases: [gm]
description: Set your Gamemode
permission: social.gamemode

description: Time To Day

description: Time To night
permission: social.night

description: List of help commands
description: Broadcast Msg To The Server
permission: social.broadcast
aliases: [bc]

description: Run faster
permission: social.speed

description: Stop running
permission: social.speed

description: wear a hat
permission: social.hat

description: Get location of a player
permission: social.getpos

description: see players inventory
permission: social.invsee

description: Get players head
permission: social.skull

description: Add permission to enable (Negate Permission for ops to disable)
permission: social.nofall

/givexp name ammount:
description: gives xp to player
permission: social.givexp

/addlevel name ammount:
description: Adds level to player
permission: social.addlevel

/setlevel name ammount:
description: Set level to player
permission: social.setlevel

description: Go insible
permission: social.vanish

description: Stop being insible
permission: social.unvanish

/poisonall - removes poison from everyone
/poison - removes poison from yourself
/reffectall - removes all effects on everyone
/reffect - removes all effects on yourself

  • Command ./setmotd doesnt add spaces to your words.​
  • No Fall Was Removed until futher notice.​

If you use this source code please let me know. Thanks :)
Feel Free To look at this plugin code
# Social-Essentials
# Dont use color codes
motd: Hello and Welcome to the server :)
motdprefix: 'Prefix'
ccprefix: 'ClearChat'
votemotd: Vote For Daily Rewards!
vote1: place your link here
vote2: place your link here
vote3: place your link here
vote4: place your link here
vote5: place your link here
Please note: If you find any bugs please post them in the discussion area.
All my plugins are coded and compiled in java 8 and only for Spigot 1.9 and above

If you are also a coder who wants to help me fix bugs and or tweak anything let me know what I should change or add.
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